Light, Smoke and Mirrors

Well, what a session. The Tuesday night meeting hosts a practical session four times a year and last night was our second event of this type this year. I have to say I think everyone had a great time.

We had dry ice, smoke machines, witches, autumnal trinkets and props, glasses, lasers and lots and lots of mist! I think everyone had a great time and very many people came up to me and said how much they all learned. That is what it is all about!

I just wanted to say two things. First, everyone who takes part in these evenings, gain a great deal from their participation. Secondly, we are not a training facility. So these sessions are meant to be fun and photographically challenging. I think both of those were achieved last night. And even the members who did not bring cameras had great fun posing and setting out challenging displays to photograph.

I am glad it was a success. The practical team put a lot of effort into helping to set up these events. There is much to be done and a great deal of rushing around on the night to set it all up and to help people. So I would like to convey my thanks and best wishes to the the following members who put so much effort into the evening last night.

So, thanks to Ray, enthusiastic and supportive as well as really knowledgeable. Thanks to Pat for her continued support, enthusiasm and the help she gave people. To Pippa for her enthusiastic and supportive attitude as well as her help with members. To Steven for his help, contribution, and ever present good humour. To Andy, thanks for his smoke machine. And to you, the members, for turning up and helping to set out; for taking an active part in the event, and for having fun. It is all about that.

A good time was had by all. However, if anyone has ideas or suggestions on how to improve on our practical evenings your ideas are welcome. Please let us know. Our practical evenings are held for members and so your continued participation, interest and enthusiasm is not only appreciated but essential.

Best wishes,
By Damon Guy

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Light, Smoke and Mirrors — 3 Comments

  1. Well Damon, you have done us proud yet again. The enormous amount of hard work and expertise you put in for us was very evident, and we all very much appreciated it. As you say, this was a fantastic evening. It was full of good humour, concentration, fun and learning. Just the way it should be. However, I think maybe one person has been missed out: Emma Phillips for being such a patient and accommodating model!

    I really liked the effects created by the different coloured lights, especially those used in Spooky Corner. I loved the shadows, the curling frost from the dry ice, the creeping smoke from the smoke machine as it slid along the floor and rose gently upwards.

    At times there were frantic whispers of: what ISO are you using; what f no? Long or short exposure? I’m confident I heard these whispers as most of them came from me…

    Damon, you and everyone on the team turned up trumps for us, and made the evening one of the highlights of the season. Thank you very much.


  2. Emma,
    So sorry, to have missed you out. You were a star for the patient poses last night. A great evening. I hesitate to say you are a great witch, but you did a great job (huge grin!). Your contribution was much appreciated.
    Thanks again Emma.

  3. Congratulations to Damon and all who helped put this extraordinary evening together. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, there was a buzz about the room, people were asking for help with their settings, including myself. Everyone was helpful and full of enthusiasm.

    The props were great and we were able to photograph things we would never think of doing or have the aptitude to put together. The smoke machine, dry ice and the laser pens gave amazing effects. The ever changing colours made for interesting images.

    No doubt we will be seeing images of Emma, our witch, in future competitions.

    Thank you Damon, for sharing your imaginative skills with us, the club is richer in experience from these practical evenings and we are lucky to be able to draw on your knowledge.

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