Macro Evening

Can people please bring along…
= Their cameras,
= macro lenses/tubes etc (if they have them).
= a tripod if they have one.
= Off camera flash if they have them (including macro-flash if they have them)

Some equipment and lights will be there for people to try out so if they do not have equipment then still bring the camera along to try out the what is available.

We will be concentrating on learning about lighting for macro work. If people have anything they would like to photograph from home feel free to bring it along. We would be interested in working on things with an interesting texture and small objects that will show up well when photographed in macro style.

If any one has any questions about the evening I will be happy to answer them in advance of the session.

Best wishes,


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  1. During the evening some members were using manual extension tubes, and whilst it was not explained to everyone, when you use these the lens sets itself to the widest aperture of the lens (Canon anyway, I’m not sure about the others) when it is removed from the camera.

    This means that you are severely restricting the depth of field.

    On a canon Dslr, set the aperture to what you want, either on M or AV. Then press the depth of field preview button, and whilst pressing it remove the lens. Looking through the lens you should see that the aperture is shut down.

    Then attach the extension tube and lens.

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