Marlow Carnival

Not having been able to make it to the Carnival, either to watch it or to help on the clubs stand, I was just wondering if anyone had anything to say on it.


Marlow Carnival — 1 Comment

  1. Helping out on the club stand was great. I thought that it might have been a bit intimidating, but it wasn’t.

    It was nice to talk to people when they approached the stand. I tried to explain what the club is all about, discussed the many different sorts of nights we have, and said that people join for many different reasons. I mentioned that there are novices, enthusiasts, and experts, that some people like competitions, some like the tutorials, workshops or lectures, and some just enjoy viewing nice photos :-)

    When I’m shopping I hate it when an assistant approaches me and asks if they can help me, so I mentioned that as an opening gambit saying “I hate it when ….. but the club ….. ” :-) It was also good to chat to existing members who popped in to see what was happening.

    One person who approached the stand mentioned that they’d visited the club once and found it to be not that friendly as nobody tried to chat to him, so I apologised and said that we try to do out best, but we’re not perfect, so please try us again.

    Overall a nice day helping out. I’m glad i did it.

    Any other views?

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