Marlow CC Blog on your phone or iPod

If you view our blog on your phone you can download an App – both for Apple and Android, that makes the blog easier to read on these devices.

On the Apple App you need to register for the blog first  (I have fixed the problem of registration e-mails not being sent, and so it should be sent within a few minutes of registering).

Go to the App store on the Apple store and search for ‘WordPress’.

Download the App, it will ask for the address of the blog
it will then ask for your user name and password.

It will check to see if the blog exists and that your user and password are correct if they are it should add the blog to the plugin.
If it fails with a bad communication error, please try again as mine took 2 or 3 goes to pick it up, but seems to work okay now. If you have problems please let me know.

If you have an Android phone visit
to download.

Once you have the App you can read the blog and add comments from within it.

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