Marlow Regatta and photos

I went to the Regatta on Saturday, and for once it was splendid weather. Not that many people in the enclosure, and the traditional atmosphere seemed to be missing. No craft tents, or the usual hustle and bustle. Nevertheless picnickers, racegoers, and Pimms drinkers were all enjoying themselves, including our own Steven G who gave me a glass of crisp white wine!


Damon took up position by the winning post, and I should think he was glad of a cooling breeze from the river.

Other reprobates swanning about from the Club were John and Georgina, David Buttle, and Niki B.

The Mayor, Susanne Brown, looked very elegant in a fetching cerise ensemble and matching hat, and John T introduced me to Dennis Sergeant who belongs to the Regatta Committee. The champers was good stuff by the way…



On my way round I came across these two delightful young ladies, and they were happy for me to photograph them, so I thought I would return the favour and post them on the blog. I do hope they look by. (To the lovely models: If you want copies of the photos, use the Contact Us Page)



It seemed strange not to see, or help, with the MCC stand this year, but maybe we will be back next June.


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