Member Galleries

We allow our members up to display 20 images that they wish to on the clubs website.

In order to reduce the time to maintain it each member needs a FlickR Account, and needs to be a member of the MCC Photo Gallery Group

All images are the responsibility of the author. The level for the MCC Photo Gallery Group is set at safe.

To have your images displayed in your gallery, please complete the following.

1. Create FlickR account
2. Join the MCC Photo Gallery Group.
3. Add the image to the MCC Photo Gallery Group.
4. Tag the image with “MccGallery” and your name.
5. Use the contact page on our website to request a gallery page. Include the name you would like displayed on the gallery, and the tag that you will use to show that the image belongs to you.

You will be informed when a page has been created for you.

Sometimes the images do not display for up to 24 hours due to the way FlicKr deals with the images.

Your gallery will be set not to display as a link on the website until you have images showing, but will be visible via the link you will be sent in the email.

Once you have some images in your gallery reply to the email that was sent to you with details of your page, or use the contact page to inform us that you have images in the gallery.

To remove an image from your gallery simply remove either tag.

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