Members Levels for the coming Season

Some of you may be wondering which Level you are in for the competitions this season.

Most of you maybe aware of your level.

I have uplaoded 3 documents whcih may help you, although as you will see there are results missing from one competition, I think that this was judged by members and the results do not count towards any promotions.

Results Table 2011-2012

Levels for 2012-2013 alphabetical

Levels for 2012-2013 (by Level)

I ask that you check the results, and check which level you are listed in. If it is incorrect please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Steve has also asked for you to inform him which level you are in with your entry.

To help you with the email address, it is mcccomps, which has been shortened from Marlow Camera Club CompetitionS, I only state this because some members get the number of ‘c’s wrong.



Members Levels for the coming Season — 1 Comment

  1. Ray, Irene Gordon was definitely promoted to intermediate. I’m not sure of her final score though.


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