Merry Christmas

Last week with the snow arriving I had little chance of taking photographs, but I have been trying to capture the Christmas lights on some of the buildings around the town (next years Christmas card?).
The only problem with that is that doing it in the dark is not actually the best time to do it.

The best time for the light is as it is getting dark, or as it is getting light – but as most Christmas Lights are turned off first thing in the morning that leaves the afternoon, but this brings other problems, traffic and people.

I have been trying LR/enfuse for Lightroom, to blend mutliple exposures together. It’s not HDR and there is a standalone program.

I will put something on the Forum over the next week as to how I am getting on and some example images.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


All Saints Parish Curch and Weir, Marlow in winter

Marlow in Winter

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