Metadata – groan.

I know that the word metadata makes peoples eyes glaze over, but having a conversation with another member last night it struck me that some of the members of the club do not realise what information is stored along with their images.

What is metadata? Basically it is data about data – stay with me for a short while.

The metadata is the information that is stored about the image, whether added by the camera or by the user – how it is stored depends on the type of image.

How does knowing what is there help me?
Knowing what is stored could help you find an image or images.

How do I find this information?
Most programs will show some of the metadata – Photoshop – open the image and click on File then Info, Picassa – select the image and then click on Picture and then properties.

Here is a snapshot of some of the metadata from my lightroom catalog,
This is just some of what is recorded by the camera, and all of it is searchable should you wish to.

For example following on from last night (for some of you), if you want to compare what images look like with a particular lens and at a particular aperture (f3.5) to the same lens at f16, then you can find these images.


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  1. I knew a lot of data was stored about the image, some of which I can see when I view that image. However, I didn’t know the extent of the data that could be accessed, and the above I find to be particularly useful. Thank you. Mary

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