‘ Mostly Landscapes’

Last night we were privileged to have a talk with Prints, from Linda Sharp. It was no ordinary evening, the prints were of amazing pastel colours, lots of waterfalls and water.  The water prints were mostly photos taken from various trips to Iceland.  Linda says Iceland is one of her obsessions, she has some amazing shots.  She had been using her Lee ” Big Stopper” Filter, for these images on her last trip at the beginning of May last year.  There was a wonderful image of one of the prettiest waterfalls along the South Coast, Seljalandsfoss.

Linda has only been taking photos since 2005, after a birthday present from her father.  She gained her ARPS in March 2012 and often exhibits in National and International exhibitions. She seems to be inspired by the forms that landscapes take and looks for tiny details, abstract and literal.  These details are often represented in small collections or else individually.

We saw triptychs, which I personally was fascinated by and I might even be challenged into creating one.  Details from paint slapped onto a boat, rusty nails, bird droppings, ice in water, that made a shape, appeared in these triptychs.  Some of the images had been turned upside down to be mounted, presenting a completely different perspective. I particularly liked the one of the street graffiti, which consisted of boxes with two end themes to draw it all together.  What imagination.

I asked Linda how she made the boxes for the triptychs and she has very kindly sent me a set of instructions on how to do it in Photoshop.  I shall copy it and put it on the Blog for those interested to have a go.  Reading it myself, I am already muddled, so maybe we may have to have a session from someone who knows what they are doing!

A big thank you to Linda for a very refreshing and inspiring evening.  Also to Mary who booked the evening at short notice.  We hope you all enjoyed it and it will give you fresh ideas for your photography.



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  1. I agree with Margaret, it was an inspirational and awesome evening.
    Linda’s eye and brain co-ordination is exceptional, and the patience she exercises in extracting an image from what most would see as unpromising material is something I wish I had.

    Yesterday I was out on a walk, camera at the ready. Encouraged by Linda’s powers of observation, I got very excited when I spotted rust on an old railway bridge, lichen growing in lovely patches, textures in an ancient brick wall, and a pile of logs sawn roughly by a wood sculptor. This morning, when I viewed my collection, they looked just as I have described: no more, no less. How does Linda extract a landscape/tryptych from such images? She has the vision at the outset I suspect. But I’m determined to persevere. I know there’s something in my attempts.

    I hope Linda will be back to show us her collection at a later date so that she can continue to inspire us.


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