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This week (on Tuesday 8th March) we were treated to another visit by Micki Aston.  Last time, you will recall, she kept us on the edges of our seats when judging our competition “People and Portraits”.  So it was interesting to turn the tables.  It was our chance to see her pictures this time.

I thought Micki was a bit hard on herself at the beginning when she started talking about her wildlife shots in S. Africa.  I was really captivated with them.  She really seemed to be able to impart great depth into the animal shots.  And, using slides, the warmth and luminosity of the shots really came out as well (ah… the pleasures of Velvia – I remember it well).  She also took great care to point out the important features of good animal shots… “Remember to get your catch-lights in the eyes, take care with your backgrounds; simplicity, simplicity; use background blur (bokeh) to draw the eye to the subject; work on sharpness; focus on the eyes; and so on”.  The list of useful comments seemed to keep coming throughout the whole evening.  Fellow “Wolf Trippers” – take note of these points!

Of course Micki does excel at landscape work – which is really her passion. I have always wanted to go to Botswana and Namibia – they both seem to be really attractive countries.  So the great shots we saw of some of the wilderness areas really increased my wish to go there and take some shots myself.  One day; one day…

As always the advice and insight provided by Micki was helpful to me and to the many other members there on Tuesday night.  It was a pleasure to see her once again and to benefit from her experience.  If you did not make it to this presentation you missed a good evening.  Take heart however,  I am sure Micki will be back.  She always gives an interesting and thought provoking presentation.

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