A very big thank you to Pippa for providing us with so much enjoyment where we also gained so much practical experience.

The evening took the form of two lines of chairs. Novices sat in line one, and Intermediates plus Advanced sat in line two. We then proceeded to ‘shoot’ each other; that is, we photographed the person sitting opposite. At intervals, Pippa would instruct us to set out cameras to B&W, or tell us to select a particular aperture, ISO, or shutter speed. Also, we were instructed to pull faces (gurning), or pretend to be a pop star. At each shift of instruction, Pippa would also tell the people in line one to move one place to their right.

At the start a few people grumbled very feebly, but we all seemed to enjoy ourselves, and I think the evening was a resounding success. I, and those around me, thought so!

What did I peersonally get out of the evening? A tremendous kick, and it was the perfect setting for me to get to grips with a recently acquired SLR camera! (A Canon 50D).

Pippa, you are wonderful. What will we do without your input next season? Watch this space…





  1. Pippa, true to her word promised Tuesday 13th practical workshop evening to be a little different and above all FUN. Yes, it certainly turned out to be just that, whilst really enjoying ourselves the emphasis was getting to know your camera settings.
    Judging from the odd overheard conversation I’m sure there are members that found camera settings that they rarely use and the benefits of the evening experimenting for future improved photography.
    Thanks again Pippa.

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