New Images Loaded to Website

Steve has loaded most of the images from the last 2 competitions onto the website.

I will be loading the results from both over the weekend.

All the images from the PDI section are loaded onto the website, and images of the prints are also loaded where a thumbnail has been provided.

In order for the Print result to link to the correct image, the thumbnail needs to be named the same as a PDI entry. ie MY BEST PHOTO by Ray Reeder.jpg If it is not named this way the link will not work.

If there are too many links that do not work, I will have to remove the links on the Print result sheet, which I think will be a shame.



New Images Loaded to Website — 2 Comments

  1. I think our new-look website is amazing, and much easier to navigate around. Each time I look, there is something else new! Having the images is a bonus, and soon the results – what more could a soul want?!

  2. I have now loaded the results for the last 2 competitions onto the website, and the running scores for the season.

    To find them please follow the links on the competitions page

    As always please check your scores and if they are incorrect please let me know.

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