Night Shoot

For the night shoot you are advised to bring a tripod and cable release. If you do not have these items please still come along as I will bring at least one spare tripod, with some spare quick release plates.

If you do not have a cable release please read your manual on how to use the self timer, or bring it with you so we can help.

Although (weather permitting) we are photographing the sunset, the session will be a more general landscape session.

Damon’s session is about light trails which is more generally about exposure and movement.

He also asks to remind you to bring a piece of black card.

Parking is up to you, but it is quite scarce near the lock, but there may be spaces in St Peters Street, or near the George and Dragon.

If the weather is good I will see you at the Lock, if it is raining please check here for details of where we will be meeting.


Night Shoot — 3 Comments

  1. Having just checked the weather and it all seems good. If it is raining, we will meet in the High Street opposite Institute Road, by the green gates. If it is just wet we will be at the Lock.

    You may also consider bringing a small torch for Damon’s session.

    See You There

  2. Thank you Damon and Ray for organising such a practical/informative photo shoot evening. For me the digital camera has always presented an enjoyable but steep learning curve, which you have helped further reduce.

    Thanks again.

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