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I have loaded the notes from Tuesday evening.
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Notes from Tuesday — 2 Comments


    Thank you Steven and Nick for a very informative evening on how to put together an Audio/Visual presentation.

    Today I had a go. As Nick said, I chose my photographs, put borders around them and copied them in a new folder called ‘MCC AV’. I am still looking for some suitable music.

    I then went looking for Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows 7) on my computer but it kept giving me an error message. I then remembered that Nick had said that it was part of ‘Windows Live Essentials’. That rang a bell, because last week I was unable to install the Windows Live Essentials 2011 upgrade so had left it but not before I had read in other forums online that people had been having major problems with it. I wrongly assumed that there was a bug in the program and decided to wait until Microsoft sorted it out.

    Today I had another go at loading the upgrade, this time just by itself and not with other upgrades, and at the third attempt was successful. It was over 27Mbs and took about 3 x 20 minutes to download and install…. and it works!!!

    So far I have loaded my pictures and chosen an animation. Now to find that music!

    Incidentally, I have put ‘Proshow Gold on my Christmas list and discovered that ‘Audacity is a free download.

    What a lot of new things I learnt in one evening. Many thanks once again.

  2. David. Well done for perservering. Hope you have fun with it. Like you, I have always chosen the photos and then tried to find music. I haven’t been brave enough to try the other way round yet. Nick

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