Open Competition 1

After a shaky start, the evening seemed to progress well, with a large number of members turning out.
The images for the PDI’s have been loaded into the gallery, although I expect to load the results in the next few days.
There were not many thumbnails for the prints so these have not been loaded yet.
We were looking at loading all the results, but it may be that we load all the images and just put the marks of the top scoring images. (Some feedback would be helpful here).

The judge gave some good comments and I am sure things have been learnt for next time.

I have no doubt that some of the members were looking at their images thinking ‘It didn’t look like that on my screen.’ and I would be intereted to hear from those of you who thought this and why. We will never get it looking exactly the same but it would be good to get it close. Also please let us know if you have calibrated your monitor or not.
The club has a Colorvision Spyder which is available for members to use for calibrating their monitors.

Congratulations to all who scored well.


Open Competition 1 — 3 Comments

  1. Copied from another section …

    Well, what a good start to the competitive year

    I thought that Graham Laughton’s judging was very fair and very generous. Incidentally he’s one of the organisers of the annual RPS Mid-Thames AV Day.

    There were a lot of floral photos tonight, a lot more than normal. Very nice.

    What does everybody else think of the evening?



  2. Yes, I agree, a very good start to the Competitive Year.

    It was great to see so many new faces at the club. I wonder if they will all become Members.

    With more new Members entering competitions, we will have more challenges to meet and will have to strive harder to produce varied, interesting and good quality photos. Thus keeping us all on our toes and full of fresh ideas.

    As to Rays’s comment about the ‘look of the images on the screen”, I, personally thought some photos were a bit light. I haven’t calibrated my monitor as yet, but am willing to have a go.

  3. Tony and I did some work with the projector yesterday, and we will calibrate the projector and the laptop, prior to the next competition, and if we can, we will calibrate it on the night of the next competition.

    Margaret, was it you photos that you thought were a bit light?


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