Poor Focusing – You or The Camera

On Tuesday I was asked about upgrading a lens, because the one available didn’t seem to be sharp.

There are various reasons for this apart from there being a problem with the camera.

These can include slow shutter speed, and dare I say it, poor technique.

As your experience progresses it is easy to forget some of the basic handling techniques, so some occacsional practice does no harm.

How Can you Check If Its The Camera

There are several tools available to us to check the autofocus of the camera and lens combination, and some cameras allow the adjustment of the autofucus on a lens by lens basis.

If you think your camera is back or forward focusing, whether you are able to adjust the focusing or not, try one of these tools. It may save you some money.

Soem of the tools have to be paid for, Lens Align and there is some software, which I cannot remember the name of, but does it automatically.

Then there are free ones, North Light Images which requires live view.

Or you can print a target and test it yourself Jeffrey Friedl’s Image


Poor Focusing – You or The Camera — 5 Comments

  1. This is very timely, Ray! I had some trouble with the standard lens on my 50D which stopped focusing. I asked Damon’s advice, and he couldn’t fathom it out. However, I think the lens might not have seated properly, or something was slightly awry. For a while I changed to a different lens, and when I went back to the first one, it worked perfectly! At the moment I am DSLR free, but I’ve been reminded several times that this might not be a good state. The 60D has live view, which I think will get round the problems I have using a viewfinder.

  2. Thanks for the advice and links. It looks like I have got some “back focusing”. Could I bring the printouts on Tuesday?

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