Practical Evening – 26th January

The practical workshops run by our more experienced Members last night were greatly appreciated by all who attended. The feedback given to me was excellent with many asking for similar workshops in the future. We do intend to run something similar on 15th February and we intend to structure the evening’s activities based on the information drawn from the Membership Survey – so get them into me ASAP. Many thanks to our talented workshop co-ordinators for last night.


Practical Evening – 26th January — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make last night such a success. As well as having help to improve our photographic skills we have the opportunity to socialise with other club members which is great. Well done.

  2. Brilliant evening on Tuesday. It was well organised, informative and there were lots of tips to learn from.
    A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put it altogether.
    The evening was very informal and gave us all time to talk to friends and meet new members, as well as being able to discuss problems with friends, that we may have encountered with our photography. Talking amongst ourselves makes some of us feel less self conscious, if we want to ask
    a question. Chances are someone will be able to help out with a suggestion!


  3. This practical evening was fantastic. I only got to one session. I learnt so much about exposure and the relationships between ISO, perature and shuuter speed that I overcame my fear of my new camera and have set it on manual ever since! The session gave me so much confidence, and it was so good to have someone on hand to help me.


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