Practical, Feb 15th.

Dear Marlow Camera Club Members.

I think tonights practical was a success, I didnt get to sample Ray’s workshop on raw but from what i heard of people who did found it very interesting, though i feel it may have created more questions in peoples mind than solved them! but thats a life long issue with any digital technology these days!

I worked with Steven in the first half an uploaded spyder into my computer, i think this is quite a helpful tool as it sets the computer to the best colours for it to adapt when photos are projected on a bring screen. My screen was over bright, which would have caused photos to look darker in competitions loosing detail in shadows i may not have wanted lost. But the good thing is you can change the settings so when I’m not editing photos for comps. I can watch DVD’s/ TV or use the interenet or write in word i can change it to the best conditions for the lighting and situation.

I had some help from Pat and Damon in the second half. Pat helped me confirm aperture in my head, something i have never really gotten a grasp on, i shall have to continue playing with it to keep it up there though! Damon also had a very good visual tool showing how the 3 changable settings (ISO, Apurture and Shutter Speed) relate to each other within the camera.

Hope everyone enjoyed tonight, see you all in henley next week.


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