Members! If any of you are looking to hone your knowledge or gain practical experience of your camera, I can highly recommend practical photography days and courses run by Jim Hellier.

My daughter and I went on one of Jim’s practical days last December, and thought it very good indeed, even though the outside work was rather chilly and wet!

Jim’s courses/days cover a wide range of topics including landscape, portraiture, still life, and low light. For example:
A Landscape day (for 3 to 6 students) lasts for five hours, and costs about £50 per person.
Portraiture days, 2-4 students, 5 hours.
Still Life workshop, max three students, beginner to intermediate, 5 hours, £75 per person.
Low-light, introduction to, (intermediate), 6 pm start for 2.5 hours, max 3 students, £75 per person.

Jim will consider running tailor-made courses if sufficient numbers commit, and there may also be some manoeuvrability on cost.
If Members are interested, I will contact Jim to see what can be arranged, or you can contact him directly.

These are just examples and you should see Jim’s website for full details:


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