Practical session on lighting, exposure, diffused flash, and movement

This was the second practical session given by Damon, where he followed on from the excellent tutorial he gave on Exposure earlier this month.

Over thirty members attended, and it seemed like a full house as we jostled for position to ‘shoot the model’. Niki was very obliging, and was a perfect choice in her striped outfit, gently moving her arms around like a wheel as we all followed Damon’s instructions. There were some stunning results; even I got a few frames that I was pleased with – when my camera screen and menu decided to co-operate. Other models followed, other techniques were tried, and there were more than a few cries of astonishment at the results. There were also a few mutters as tripod legs got tangled!

Damon’s practical sessions are very professional, and he is very patient and clear with his explanations – some feat given the number of students he had to deal with.

Take a look at Damon’s website, Photokonnexion, where you will find a host of information, advice, clear explanations, and a very willing advisor on any queries you may have. Damon is working on courses that he has nearly completed, so keep a look out for when the first ones become available.



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