Practical Evening – 15th February

Here is what we have planned for next weeks evening.
Steven ->
= A look at screen calibrating; different file formats & uses; operating the Spyder unit

Ray ->

Ist Half.
To recap the last session on Adobe Camera Raw, with a few tips added that may be helpful.
Then to look at the local adjustments – making adjustments to only parts of the image rather than the whole image.
2nd Half.
= Continue using layers and creating a montage (as identified from the survey).

Damon/Pat ->

Continuing to look at basic exposure…
= Damon to review Full Manual Exposure (FMEx); introduce people new to the subject
= Pat (assisted by DG) to pick up on the aspects of practical use of FMEx doing still life exercises.
= Pat & DG to supply some backgrounds/diffusers/reflectors
= DG to supply some basic lights.
= Learners to bring some “Vegetables” as still life subjects
= Learners to bring some elementary lights (candles, torches, simple lights)
= Learners to bring some backgrounds

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Practical Evening – 15th February — 1 Comment

  1. Ray

    As mentioned last week, I will bring an .exe file of my latest ProShow Gold AV for you to play via the projector to see if the projector/screen image is the same as my computer screen or a widescreen TV.

    There is provision within the ProShow Gold program to position the images for both computer and TV. So far I have not bothered with the TV but if the projector is the same as the TV, then I shall have to alter the slides.

    Many thanks


    PS- I do like these practical evenings.

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