Programme Change for 24/01/2012

Low-light and controlling-light

As I mentioned last week at the club our plans for Tuesday evening this week have changed from the original programme. Now we are going to be doing a practical session…

The theme of the evening will be low-light and controlling-light. We will be including a number of techniques to improve your control of light and using light. The aim is to make things happen the way you want to control it.

You should be able to get some interesting photos from this session. We concentrated on techniques that give you new insights. You will not need advanced skills to try these out.  However, it looks like it is going to be great fun!

One of the activities will involve macro work. We hope to do some photographs of jewelry. So bring some sparkly trinkets, diamond watches, tiaras – you know all the ordinary stuff!

Also, can you bring any macro equipment you have so you for the jewelry session. Lenses, extension tubes, whatever. Steven Galvin is running that session and would like to hear from you if you have a Nikon macro lens he can borrow to use on the night.

So, please bring your camera and if you can a tripod. We will be doing some long exposures so tripods will be useful with that section.

I hope you are are all going to be there.
Looking forward to seeing you.
By Damon Guy
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Programme Change for 24/01/2012 — 1 Comment

  1. This was a very good evening indeed and resulted in me getting to grips with my SLR camera at last.

    Pat’s session on macro work was very enlightening, and I got some good, as well as interesting and unexpected, shots.

    Fot me, the breakthrough of the evening was Damon’s light orb sessions. Suddenly all that I have been told (and have tried to carry out) about long exposure etc, came together. At last I have mastered the manual settings! This was so exciting and I’m determined to tape over the ‘intelligent auto’ button. I can hardly wait for the night shoot later on in the year.

    Thank you, Damon, and all the others who contributed to make this such a fun and inteeresting evening. Mary

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