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As most of you know by now I use Lightroom for a lot of my work involving my photos.

There are various modules within Lightroom to help in organising, developing, printing, making books and photo galleries.

For some time I have used the publishing feature to help keep my website, Facebook and Flickr galleries organised.

By using this feature I can add or delete images to/from a collection in Lightroom, and when I am finished press publish and they are resized/watermarked and then uploaded to the service required.

I have been working on a Facebook Page (not published yet) and I wanted to create a publish service for this, but after a search on Google it appeared not to be possible, but in the end I found this Lightroom to Facebook It is done on a Mac, but I have done it from a PC.

I have already posted about using the publish service to Using Lightroom to Organise your Competition Entries



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  1. Having spent some considerable time today, whilst this works it appears that a publish service may need to be created for each album, which is not good.

    I will try again.

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