Quintin Lake, Architectural Photographer

What an experience this presentation turned out to be. Dynamic, inspirational, gripping, it is very evident why Quintin Lake is one of the top creative architectural photographers of today. Yet he is modest and understated, but his enthusiasm for his subject and his desire to impart his knowledge shine through.

During the evening Quintin showed how to look at buildings, interiors, exteriors, and landscapes. He gave tips on how to home-in on details to create an outstanding image, and in the process explore the significance of the structure – whether it be architectural or landscape. Composition, lighting, and contrast played their part whatever the subject matter.

I urge you to take a look at his website: www.quintinlake.com, where you will see his exciting portfolios, including some of the images we saw on Tuesday. He makes the Angel of the North look stunning, and anyone wanting examples of images for the ‘motion’ comp later this month should take a look at images 2 and 17 of Quintin’s Interiors portfolio.

In all, presenter and presentation made this a first-rate evening.


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