Remembrance Day Parade and Service

The weather turned up trumps for this well-attended event, and it was indeed spectacular. I took several photos of the Parade as it processed along Station Road towards the War Memorial. I only wish I could have captured the sounds of the pipes and drums. Quite thrilling.

The Service itself was moving, especially when the names were read out of those who lost their lives for us. I got lost in the crowd so my photos of that part are not up to much. Never mind. I think there were enough of us there, who are far more capable than I am (Tony Ketley, Dick Fielding, Tony Briggs, to name a few) to capture most aspects.

After the Service was over, I walked through the churchyard to the river. I was surprised to see quite a few people there who were enjoying the peacefulness – reading, sketching, indulging in quiet contemplation. I had my own quiet moments, capturing the weir, graveyard, and church in the sad-season cure of sunlight.

Higginson Park was also a very healing experience. The leaves floated gracefully down, catching people on the way. Surprised hands pulled leaves from hair, and children tried to catch the leaves before they hit the ground. This is supposed to be very lucky!

Walking back along the river towards the bridge, Marlow looked at its best. A very good setting for such a grave day.



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