Richmond Park Stag Rutting

Dear all,

I am trying to get a group together of people interested in travelling to Richmond Park on Saturday 27th October to get some photos of the stags. I would intend to leave Dean Street car park at 06.30hrs which would get us to Ham Gate, Richmond Park circa 07.30hrs roughly coinciding with dawn. Hopefully this might enable us to get some shots in the mist (if there is one!).

The last time I went I managed to park in the by-roads close to Ham gate and walked through the park from there ending up at the refreshments stand at Pen Ponds in the centre, which I think opens about 09.00hrs. This enabled plenty of shots of the deer.

Regarding equipment a telephoto lens is very useful and possibly a tripod although we will be walking a reasonable distance. Cold-weather and waterproof clothing is also a must as we may be wading waist high through wet ferns. Try not to wear clothing that is too bright if possible.

Remember that these are wild animals so it is prudent to keep a safe distance from them when taking shots. It is worth the effort, though, as you will get far more uncluttered backgrounds than you would in a zoo.

If anybody is interested in coming please could you let me know so that I can arrange drivers and passengers. The postcode for Satnavs is TW10 5HB.

Dick Fielding.


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  1. Hi Dick
    I would love to come but unfotunatly have no transport. If there is space in any of the cars going please let me know. Thank you Emma

  2. I would not recommend wading into waist high bracken. You can come upon deer unexpectedly, as they blend perfectly into the bracken at this time of year.
    Most will flee if you stumble across them, but you may find yourself on the wrong side of a Red stag or a Fallow buck. Even the hinds and does can cut up pretty rough if they feel cornered.

    There is also the chance that you might pick up a tick or two from the bracken, with the associated risk of Lyme disease.

    Please stay on the paths, and observe the Royal Parks recommendation to keep 50 metres between you and the deer.
    Thank you

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