Rose Bowl Round 2 at High Wycombe

A few of us visited High Wycombe Photographic Society on Thursday 1 December.

Judged by an entertaining Peter Jackman, we were treated to an enjoyable evening where, sadly, we did not win but we did achieve a 20, a 19 and two 18s.  Overall
Marlow achieved 248, Pinner CC 252, Wycombe PS 255, and Amersham PS 268.  Clearly we have room to do better, but we also have the capacity for it.  Well done to all those with images entered, and congratulations to Steve M, for his 20.

I extend our thanks to Wycombe PS for their welcome, kind hospitality a pleasant evening.

The next round is at Wantage on Tuesday 21 Feb., fingers crossed!



Rose Bowl Round 2 at High Wycombe — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the round up Nigel. I think we do have the talent. Maybe we need to think about how to pick the right pictures.

  2. I agree with Damon. We have many talented photographers amongst us, from whom I have learnt a lot and hope to try to put this into practise at some stage, but I think maybe we need a tighter formula for choosing the images. Perhaps a panel with the overall say, but with input from club members?


  3. Yes i agree, we do have some fantastic photographers amongst us. I personally think it is the way the photos are chosen.
    We obviously haven’t cracked the formula yet. We have tried voting ourselves and also having photos chosen from those that had a score of 20. Perhaps we should look at putting in a variety of shots, Wildlife, Landscapes, Humour, Black and White or whatever. Maybe a different approach could be taken as to how they are chosen, not always those that score 20. Looking at who the Judges are if possible and what they are keen on or not! Just an idea.

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