Rosebowl – First Round

While you were all enjoying Damon’s Macro evening (I’ve received very good reports), Margaret, Dick and I went to St Albans Camera Club for the first round of the Rosebowl, and I’m pleased to report that Marlow came second!

(We were also pleased to note that St Albans have a few problems with their software for competitions as well as us!)

The Judge was Colin Southgate. He gave very fair scores for such a difficult task. He told me later that judging such a competition is different from a normal in-house club one. As there have to be definite winners, the judge has to be more critical and award lower scores than usual otherwise there would not be any competition! He was looking for the ‘feeling’ behind the image. He felt that the photographer’s passion should be detectable, and not just a perfect textbook image.

Ealing and Hampshire House Photographic Society came fist with 269 points; we came second with 255 points; St Albans came third with 253 points, and Park Street Camera Club came fourth with 251.

There was quite a gap between the winners and the rest of us, but the closeness of the scores of the remainder show that Marlow can stand up for itself.

Dick Fielding got our only 20 with Reflective Raindrops. Steve Maidwell got 19 for One Lump or Two, and Damon Guy also got 19 for Sliced Pear. I will post the rest of the scores on the Noticeboard next Tuesday.

In all, I think Marlow CC had two very successful evenings last night. Well Done us.


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