Schools Digital Photographic Competition

Last night we held the digital photographic competition for John Hampden Grammar School. The competition was divided between two categories of entrants – Lower School and Middle & Upper Schools. The Methodist Hall was more or less full as the friends and families of the entrants turned up in
support of the boys as well as a number of MCC members. Our Judge for the competition was Caroline “CJ” Williams who was most impressed by the overall quality of the entries. In fact, when the run through of the images came up on the screen for the Middle & Upper Schools there was a palpable intake of breath from our members causing CJ to decide there and then that she would apply the same level of assessment as if the images were those of MCC members! The timeframe for this competition goes back to November 2009 when7 local secondary schools were invited to take part. Within 48 hours, Mr Webber (Head of Art & Photography) at John Hampden Grammar School had replied and turned out to be the only school interested – even though repeat invitations were issued. On meeting Mr Webber we decided that we would run a competition specifically for his school, due to his obvious enthusiasm.
Based on the quality of last night’s entries the decision to proceed with the competition was fully justified. CJ, in her deliberations, gave useful tips on how to improve image quality and also well deserved encouragement.
Alistair Sledge won the Lower School competition with REACH, but was hotly contested by Harry Lomas with ROSE and Ted Berry with REFLECTIONS who came second and third respectively. CHERRY GREEN by Sam Lowe came first in the Middle & Upper School competition, followed by a tie for second position by
Jack Yates with NEON COKE and Matt Duggins with THE WAY TO HEAVEN. The winners of both competitions received a £50 voucher and the first, second and third in each competition were awarded a certificate as a record of their achievement. Congratulations to all those who took part.

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