Second practical

hey there people!

I think tonight was as successful as the last practical, but a bit more adventurous and i hope people where able to get interesting unique photographs and experience photography they havent yet been able to experience! massive thanks to Gemma Katie and Alex who very kindly came to help us achieve that. Hopefully over the season and the next one we will continue to have more sessions like this! :)

I wont be able to come next week, i have a work meeting.. which is unfortunate coz it was one of the few talks i really wanted to see and to watch! but oh well, someone will have to tell me about it.

Just a reminder about the fire work display, at longridge, sat 6th nov from 7PM, let me know if anyone wants to photogrphy this? i have said i will try but i dont get home from work till 7 so may miss it! and if anyone could email me pictures of the circus people that would be fab, my email addy is




(i have seperated it so i dont get spam, obviously its one line :))

Thanks Pippa



Second practical — 2 Comments

  1. A really enjoyable evening. it was great to see Gemma, Katie and Alex performing with the fire.

    They really worked hard all evening to give us plenty to photograph and experiment with.

    A big thanks to everyone who helped to put the whole evening together, a lot of hard work went into the preparation and I think everyone would have gained some new experience from it all.

    Hopefully there were some good photos taken and those of us who are not very good with the workings of our cameras, have benefitted from the expert tuition we were given from various members.

    Thank you again


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