Selecting images for the Rose Bowl

Last Tuesday over 40 of us appraised the images that have scored well in
this year’s Club Competitions. The intention of the evening was to get the
Members to vote, thereby selecting, the images for next year’s external
competitions. The Club has not enjoyed great success this year in external
competitions, apart from first place in Round 1 of the Rose Bowl, so it was
decided that by obtaining the collective view of the Members might improve
our success rate. Time will tell on that! Steven Galvin gave a superb
presentation on what the critical eye should look for, prior to the voting.
What this evening did do was to further appreciate how difficult a Judge’s
task is. There were occasions where some images were voted either in or
out, unanimously – which did send ripples of amusement around the room. On
the positive side, a few images were probably correctly discounted for
future use thereby reducing the ‘pool’. On the negative side, images were
not afforded the time a judge has for assessment and consequently images
were judged on immediacy of impact by the audience – possibly causing some
technically excellent images to be side-lined. Next year’s Competition
Secretary and his/her team will now have a nucleolus of images to enter into
next year’ external competitions and we shall all be watching the results
with a vested interest!


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  1. Inviting members to help select images to go forward for external competition was a good way to make us feel involved – our chance to give real input, and eventually to see how effective our decisions will be in the coming year.

    The evening was very lively and good-natured, although I don’t think anyone lost sight of the seriousness of the exercise. It was quite a daunting task. I found it difficult to put myself in the position of an external judge, and then pretend I had not seen any of the images before. Thank you very much for your introductory presentation, Steve, and for your handout (which will remain pertinent well beyond this evening).

    I felt quite exhusted by the time I got home, and used this as an excuse to reach for the Famous Grouse!

    Mary Ellis

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