September 20th Tuesday Evening Portraiture Photo Shoot

Tuesday 20th September sees the welcome return of Jeni Orme who with our own Damon will be running a Portraiture evening. Remember to bring your Camera and Flash Gun if you have one.


September 20th Tuesday Evening Portraiture Photo Shoot — 1 Comment

  1. I really enjoyed this evening, and especially the chance to use Jenni Orme’s wonderful Nikon – under her instruction. She gave good advice on how to get the best out of the subject(s), to experiment by taking shots from different angles, get the subject(s) to look up towards the camera, position your shot, and so much that I hope I haven’t forgotten! Damon provided a different set-up, so that we could try working with different sorts of lighting and backgrounds. I am interested in shooting in B&W, and found that this medium worked quite well under the varying conditions. In fact, B&W worked better than colour for me.

    Damon was his usual helpful and approachable self (thank you D), and Jenni was also very easy to get on with. I would very much welcome another similar evening.

    Mary Ellis

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