Spotlight on club members in the Hebrides

I was in correspondence with Ruari Cumming ARPS today. Members might remember his wonderful talks on the Hebridean Islands. Ruari recounted this little story for me…

I landed from the ferry on Colonsay in the Hebrides on 9th May. I am involved with the “Festival of Spring” there each year.

I went into the exhibition by the ferry terminal to “report” to the island’s “Festival of Spring” organiser.
She was quite excited and after calming her down, I enquired why she was so “up beat”.

“Well”, she said “a couple just popped in here, before boarding the ferry you have just come in on.”
“So?” I replied.
“Yes,” she went on, “they have been on the island for a week, I think”.
“They told me they were from Marlow Camera Club”.
“Oh yes?” My ears pricked up.
“They told me that they had visited Colonsay as a result of the wonderful way you portrayed the island in your presentations, which they had seen at Marlow Camera Club”.
“They said all that you had shown was exactly as it was and they hoped to return again another year”.
She continued, “I did ask them their name, but they said that you wouldn’t know them”.

I thanked her and headed for my lodge. I enjoyed my glass of whiskey that evening, warm in the knowledge that I had inspired at least one couple to visit the Hebrides!

From: Ruari Cumming ARPS.
Find out more about Ruari Cumming ARPS and his Hebridean images on his website: Hebridean Island Images.
Find out more about the Colonsay “Festival of Spring”.

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Spotlight on club members in the Hebrides — 5 Comments

  1. I know their names! Margaret and I are keen to go next year. Ruari’s presentation was very inspiring.


  2. Yes i know these two also! Rauri’s talk quite spurred us on to make a visit, perhaps next year.

  3. Sorry David, cannot divulge personal names without permission over the Internet. You can of course make an application in writing to the club committee quoting the reference number of this page, or the URL, and mentioning the Data Protection Act. We will consult the couple in question and get back to you!


  4. So glad to learn that some of your members visited the Isle of Colonsay, in the Hebrides. And to think, maybe more of them may visit in 2015 also.
    It is most gratifying to learn that my presentations may just have inspired others to visit and photograph in these wonderful islands.
    Again I will be running half-day photographic workshops, as well as evening presentations, on Colonsay during the middle of May 2015.
    Happy to chat to any of your members who happen to be on the island then.
    Ruari Cumming ARPS

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