Star Shoot Practical

I would be willing to arrange an hour or so photographing the stars, to give advice and help if required.

It would probably be at short notice as it would be dependent on the weather.

I would keep it close to Marlow, and the location would depend on how many members are interested.

It may be that the location does not include much to use as a foreground (apart from a tent or tree) but I could advise on the exposure, and then it will be up to you to find suitable compositions in the future.

If I was to be somewhere for 2 hours, members would be able to drop in for some of the time or all of the time.

If you are interested please leave a comment.



Star Shoot Practical — 8 Comments

  1. Yes Ray, I would be interested. Not always available due to hospital visits and dog training. However, I’m sure i can work round them.
    Thanks, let me know when you decide.

  2. A fantastic talk Ray, full of interest and information. Congratulations on a great evening. Thank you.
    I am up for a couple of hours in the cold, so please count me in.

  3. I suggest Monday 4th, may not be completely clear, but my app says its clearing.

    I suggest 8pm – location to be announced but probably Mundaydean Lane as there is parking for a few cars, but might be an idea for some to meet up in Dean Street Car Park an get ferried up there.

    I will confirm by 1pm Monday on the blog, in case it looks unlikely.

    I will be there from 7.45.

    And thanks for all your kind comments.

    Requirements, camera, tripod, warm clothing and a torch.

  4. I have checked my weather app, and it states 9pm should be clear, although it seems unlikely – it was accurate last time I used it.

    So I suggest that we meet there at 8pm, I will be there shortly before.

    I suggest the one at Chisbridge, the google map reference is


    there may be some parking at (a couple of hundred yards)

    51.593042,-0.836892 for a couple of cars, and there is room nearby for a couple of cars.

    Directions are: from Marlow follow the Frieth Road out to Finnamore Wood, just after what used to be the Borstal, turn left, and then drive up the hill and follow the road.

    It is not the turn opposite Blueys Farm.

    If you find yorself going downhill immediatly after turning left you need the next left.

    I will see what is happening in the sky before I go.

    I think that the wind will make it colder than it actually is so wrap up warm. If you have a pair of binoculars, they may be worth bringing.
    You may be better off wearing boots.

    And hope to see you there.

  5. There are breaks in the clouds. I will be there from 7.30.

    There will be tea and coffee, but please bring a mug

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