Steven’s editing night

This was the second (or maybe third, as he helped me out on my B&W night) editing session of the season from Steven. It was well up to his usual high standard and it was very well attended (36 of us). The editing software Steven uses is PaintShop Pro, and he helpfully explained the equivalent jargon in Photoshop, or there was someone who clarified matters.

This session mainly concentrated on layers: background, masks, vectors, art media, adjustment. Steven took us step by step through each operation and demonstrated how each layer worked. He also showed the subtle differences that could be made with certain tools, such as the eraser.

Steven ended the first half with a panorama demonstration which we overwhelmingly voted for. This was quite thrilling! Two images were overlapped and put together, and he showed us how to get rid of any tell-tale signs of the manipulation the final image had undergone. I shall have a go at doing this, but I don’t know if I’ll get results like his…

During the break Steven brought me up to speed with his first session, which I had missed. Thank you for that, maestro!

The second half of the evening was a hands-on session. Some members had brought their computers, and I found it very enlightening going around the groups to see what they were up to.

This was a very agreeable and friendly evening.

Thank you, Steven.


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