‘Supermoon’ 9th September 2014

At our informal meeting last night some of us decided that, dependent on the weather, we would try to photograph the moonrise of the ‘supermoon’.

We have decided to got to Higginson Park and use the bridge as a foreground structure. The moonrise is the same time as sunset, but as the moon has to rise above winter it will appear slightly later than the predicted time of 7.31pm.

You are welcome to join us.

To make the most of the supermoon you may like to bring a telephoto lens.

Afterwards we will make our way to The Marlow Donkey.


‘Supermoon’ 9th September 2014 — 1 Comment

  1. Today (Monday) I went to the Bridge to have a practice for tomorrow night.
    We agreed to meet in the park, but it may be better to meet at the bridge, from there I think the moon will rise above the Compleat Angler, further down the path I think the moon will rise on the Bisham side of the Bridge.

    I will be there from about 6.30, and if the evening is like this evening I suggest you bring a wide lens. Tonight there were several ‘waves’ of geese taking off from the weir and flying in formation over the bridge.

    It did get quite chilly so bring an extra top.


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