The Dastardly and Devious Steven Galvin

I think we should all give an extra big round of applause to Steven Galvin for his first-rate evening of tricks, fixes, and dark secrets.

Steven took us through the usefulness of building up a collection of backgrounds, skies, snow, etc to enhance our photos, and also demonstrated the use of selection and clone tools, not forgetting the importance of the (cough) ‘rubber’… In a short space of time he took us step-by-step through the stages of how he modified his photos to create a professional image. Of course, not everyone would have been familiar with the use of layers, but he demonstrated how beneficial this facility is and how worthwhile it is to get to grips with such a powerful tool. I have a little experience of using layers, and I am now much encouraged to take the plunge and start experimenting.

The evening ended with a members’ discussion on the ethical and moral use of manipulated images, and some strong views were put forward. I think this indicates that the evening paves the way for more discussions on this topic. What do other members think? Now is your chance to make comments and perhaps this topic could be debated at a later date.

Thank you, Steven, for the presentation and for all the effort you put in – and also thank you to your son for posing in the images so perfectly! Give those boys a box of chocolates…

The Vice Charwoman (aka Mary Ellis)


The Dastardly and Devious Steven Galvin — 1 Comment

  1. Hello,

    well said, and yes thanks to Steve.

    In terms of layers, people just need to play, and create crazy things and enjoy messing around with the images to learn how to use the examples that steve showed us. (just dont delete the origional image.)

    the evening ended with us dicussing whether using editing software created ‘real’ images, having pondered more on this, i still agree with my stance that if you edited it into the way you thought its still your image and it uses your imagination.

    Photography in the future is only gonig to get more and more into editing, and film work. My brothers mobile phone has a ten megapixel camera on it, and that takes amazing photos, the difference between mine and his images are that i know how to edit them successfully to make the final image competition worthy, and that is what will be the difference between professional/good photographers of the future and the amateur/bad ones, as our camera equiptment wont very that much.


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