The Lost World

Last night’s presentation by Dr Peter Brandham was, in my opinion, the most interesting that we have had at the Club in the three years that I have been a Member. We were all made to feel that we part of his expedition to a tropical rain forest in South America. As a botanist of great standing, coupled with excellent photographic skills, he made the audience become completely absorbed throughout the entire presentation. The evening passed so quickly. All this was backed up with many humorous comments. We’d like to get Peter back but he has decided to gradually withdraw from giving such talks at the end of this year. Therefore, I’m delighted we had him at the Club in his swansong year. Good luck for the future Peter.

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  1. As a new member to the club I was absolutely enthralled with Peter Brandhams presentation. He started off by saying that his photos would not be very good but in my opinion (under sometimes very scary circumstances) his photos were enthralling and helped tell the story of the marvellous expedition that took place. What a great shame that he is retiring from giving his amazing and interesting talks. I (like Jim) wish him all the very best for the future.

  2. I feel privaledged to have attended this captivating presentation. Not only were the photographs exceptional, but Peter’s enthusiasm for his subject seemed to embrace the hall. So vivid were his words and pictures, I felt I was in the rainforest with him. In the dark, I even felt something of the isolation! I will now view plants quite differently after this experience, and give them the attention and respect they deserve. Perhaps he may be coaxed along for just one more show…?

    Mary E

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