The New Season Approaches

With just six weeks to the new season, I am looking forward to looking at what members have done over the summer.

Are you struggling to get the information from your images, are you disappointed when you get home that your images have a lot af noise in the shadows.

There is an article on Luminous Landscape about Expose To The Right (ETTR) which has created some in depth reaction on their forum. There is a link in the forum to Jeff Shewe’s article on the same topic.

If you do ETTR but aren’t sure why you do it then check the article out. It has some comparisons and a good example.

If ETTR is gooble-de-gook to you then it is also worth a visit.

Jeff Shewe’s ETTR article


The New Season Approaches — 1 Comment

  1. Apparently our evening of Tuesday 20th September is going to be exciting. According to the website we’re all going to be shooting each other. I hope it’s with cameras rather then with anything more dangerous !!! ;^)

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