Tom Way at the RPS DIG last weekend

Margaret, Mary, Shirley and I went over to Woosehill for the DIG’s monthly event: This month Tom Way came to do a talk on his wildlife photography. Members may remember he came to Marlow two years ago and impressed us with his images back then. In the intervening two years he has gone from strength to strength, working on his ‘style’ and produced some simply stunning images in the process. It takes a lot to impress the folks at the RPS, and when image after image was met with notable gasps of appreciation from the audience you know you’re witnessing something special. It was quite inspiring, and I know some members are talking about booking workshops with Tom. I hope the RPS consider him for some kind of achievement award.

The afternoon talk was Eva Worobiec who presented images on a number of themes taken by her and her husband: Iconic and historic Americana – neon lit art deco buildings and ramshackle farm buildings in the plains of Dakota. She talked about the travelling aspect as well as the photography and techniques and also spoke about publishing images in books – one of which is now out of print and sought after, changing hands for over £100 on used book sites. Also of interest a number of her images have been used on the covers of books and she spoke about using agencies to sell her work.

Overall it was a great day out, and, I think, enjoyed by all.

Andy K

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