Triptychs Evening – 21st Jan 2014

I don’t normally create triptychs (although I do have an idea for a 9 panel image) but I am thinking I might create one for the evening on the 21st. I also think I will share my process of creating one.

This does NOT mean that I will have a completed project by the 21st.

I want to create a triptych of the Junction of The Marlow By Pass with the A4155, looking towards Handy Cross.

I think it will look better at twilight with light trails.

The left image will be the entry slip road, the centre image will be the By Pass itself, and the right image will be the exit slip.

So yesterday I went out in the day to take some test images.

Entry Slip Marlow By Pass

Entry Slip Marlow By Pass

Marlow By Pass

Marlow By Pass

Exit Slip road Marlow By Pass

Exit Slip road Marlow By Pass

I made some adjustments in Lightroom before taking the 3 images into Photoshop. I put the 3 images together and I was not happy with the way they looked as I felt the road lost it emphasis so I have used the perspective control to increase the height of the road which I feel has increased the emphasis of the road.

This has resulted in this image.

Marlow By Pass Triptych

Marlow By Pass Triptych

Please remember this is just the working image, which I have not colour adjusted and as a result I will now go and take the images for the final triptych.

I have posted this as an encouragement for more triptychs to be shown on the night.

It is a chance for members to have their work critiqued by others without the competition environment.



Triptychs Evening – 21st Jan 2014 — 4 Comments

  1. This is very pleasing, Ray, and has encouraged me to have a go. I’m not sure what I will come up with, but I have a few ideas bouncing around my head as I type. I won’t be there on the evening, but that doesn’t matter. I shall submit a couple anyway. I do like the sawn-off corners of your outer frames.


  2. Thanks Mary.

    One of the advantages of having done the trial run is that the left image needs the horizon lifting to get it level with the other 2 images.


  3. Good work Ray, is the perspective done in Lightroom or Photoshop? Hope you get your images.
    i will have a go, but not sure how to get them together for the PDI’s. Watch this space1

  4. Thanks Margaret, although there is perspective in Lightroom, I used Photoshop.

    I made some basic adjustments in Lightroom, and then opened the images as Layers in Photoshop. This opens each image onto a layer each in one file.

    To do this from Photoshop I think you need to look under file and then scripts. (I will check later).

    I then multiplied the width of the image by 3, and enlarged the canvas by that.

    I then moved each image (layer) to the appropriate position left and right.

    I then adjusted the perspective before selecting the area I wanted to keep on the left image, inversed it to cut what I didn’t want.

    Hope this helps.


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