Tuesday 19th April is the presentation by PermaJet. All are welcome!!!!

Everyone who reads this is welcome to attend the presentation by PermaJet that is being given to the club on Tuesday 19th April.

The talk is titled “The Way to Better Print Quality and Colour Management”. Here is an¬†outline of the evening as given to me by PermaJet.

Our Colour Management Lectures consist of an explanation of both monitor and printer profiling, colour management through various software and general profiling queries.

We then discuss Ink and Paper, continuous ink flow systems and many other areas including monitors etc.,

After the main lecture, we open up the floor for any questions and we bring along a range of PermaJet Papers and demonstrations  items, offering  special deals on the papers and accessories on the night.

Do come along…I have been given a target of 30 to 35 attendees by PermaJet. I’m sure that you do not want to see your Chairman in chains!


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