Tuesday 3rd May

Hello All,

I think you all will agree it was a good start to the month, The discussion at the beggining run by Damon on Tripods looked very informative from what i saw/ briefly heard. It was good to see some many different types of tripods, and i hope the people involved in the discussion learnt a lot about using them and which are better for what occasions etc!

The Competition to follow was also good, some fantastic shots! the ones that stick out in my mind where the Glass of fruit, the Lion Fish and the beautiful misty photos in the intermediate section! It has to be said that the judge really didnt like my feet! :)… He was definately quite classical in hisĀ opinions, views and his own interest. however i felt i learnt alot from his critiques of the images.

The issue with light was thrown up within the competition and the fact it was still light outside may have affected the quality of the images shown before the tea-break, I think to ammend this next year we will have judges judging the prints before the PDI’s and we may change the Annual PDI and Annual Print competition over, so the PDI comes a couple of weeks earlier within the year. However this will have to all be discussed at commitee meetings.

Hope to see you all next Tuesday, Will be good to see what was taken on the night shoot, whilst i was stuck in traffic due to the M4 being blocked :( i feel i missed a good night! All those who are off tomorrow, enjoy the birds and hope to see those photos in competition next year.


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