Tuesday night (03/05/2011) – Tripod session

The Tuesday meeting this week is the first session of the month. We will be running the normal early session before the main meeting. I will be talking about tripods this time.

If you have any particular questions you would like me to answer, or any special information that might help you please feel free to email me.

We would be pleased to see any tripod people want to bring along so that we can help you with its use or any problems.

The session will start at 7.30 pm Tuesday 03/05/2011. Please be on time so you don’t miss the start.



Tuesday night (03/05/2011) – Tripod session — 2 Comments

  1. This was a good session as I have been having trouble with my tripods! I found out why I couldn’t attach my camera to my tripod, and also all the different fittings that can be used with it. A great step forward.
    There were several pieces of apparatus on display, and demonstrations were given of the merits and drawbacks of various ‘pods and associated pieces of equipment.
    I had my eyes opened to the flexibility of some models, especially in the ways that they can allow greater stability in different circumstances: legs that can be used in an almost vertical position to make the most of stability points; with some the central pole can be inverted to allow the camera to be positioned below the mount point, which allows for stabilised macro-shots.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you professionals raise an eyebrow, or twich the corners of your mouths at my lay terminology, but I am only a novice after all…
    I found this session very imformative.

  2. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the write up. I think everyone who was there gained something, which is great. Any knowledge you gain helps you, the club and the other members around you. As you gain knowledge and become more experienced you will be a better photographer – which helps raise our standards and improve our photographic work. You will, I am sure, also help pass your knowledge on to the next generation of novices. This helps the club and our newcomers and helps you to consolidate your own experience.

    Never be shy about the journey to pefection in your photography. We have all been there, on the sharp learning curve. In turn we are looking up at others who tower above us. All experience is relative. It is the ambition to succeed and the drive to achieve that realises our potential. There are no ‘raised eyebrows’. We work to help the club develop by helping the members realise their potential.


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