Tuesday’s Competition

Tony tells me that both the print and PDI section are having to be restricted to 2 entries each and there are still 76 entries in total so it could be another interesting evening.

It would appear that not many people were put off after the last competition even the last judge gave a wider range of marks than the one before.

I have also been working with Tony to implement a system to get the results from the laptop onto the website, and as a result the Print and PDI standing section on the Competition page has changed, into one link.

The information is based on qualifying points we have from last season, it will also include the running scores for Prints and PDI’s.

Some members have also had a few problems with the submission of their entries, and we will look at clarifying the instructions as it is important to get it correct due to the software we are using. But one of the errors has been the mis-spelling of the authors own name.


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