Tuesday’s Low-Light and Controlling-Light.

A very big thank you to Pat, Ray, Steven and Damon for the great practical evening on Tuesday.  I’m sure I am speaking for all members in saying how much we all enjoyed the theme of low-light and controlling-light.

I had a Macro Lens for my Birthday/Christmas and was able to use it fairly well with a little prompting from Steven and Pat.  The Butterfly and Pearls proved a little difficult, but I was able to produce a shot I was quite proud of!  The objects in the light tent were interesting and again I managed a few good shots. The highlight was for me, the light orb.  When Damon explained what we had to do I thought, I won’t bother with that, it sounds too complicated.  However, on having a go and getting the correct settings, with a lot of patience from Damon, I was absolutely delighted with the result, even hand held.  The yellow colour seemed to be the better result for me, but the blue was also good, but not so strong.

Amazing to get a result from such a simple action.  I am now spurred into trying the writing with light, or some other activity.  I’m sure we all learnt a lot about long exposures and how to take macro shots.  The evening was fun, dynamic and very social.  It is good to talk to members whilst photographing, sharing shots, helping and being helped to register the right settings on our cameras, from those who have more knowledge and experience.  After all, that is a very good way to learn, it is not so easy from a book.

Thank you again and we hope you will be able to produce more fun activities for practicals.  We do appreciate your time and efforts made into these sessions.


Tuesday’s Low-Light and Controlling-Light. — 2 Comments

  1. Margaret, thank you for your kind words. It seemed a fun evening for everyone. My regret was that I did not get a chance to see what the others were doing! I was engaged with the Orb all evening. Never mind, we aim to do more fun sessions in the future. So – watch this space.

    Just a quick note on the Orb. The technique can be done on your own. Just set the timer on your camera to give you about 10 seconds to get the swing going. Then you will be in action when your exposure starts to run. Have fun everyone. Let me know if you want any help.


  2. I left my comments on the evening in the wrong place. I posted it under Damon’s Post on his outlines for the evening…

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