Using Lightroom to Organise Your Competition Entries. Part 2

Or how to set up an Export Preset  In a previous post I talked about using collections in Lightroom to help organise your competition entries. In this post I will show you how to set up an export preset to help simplify or speed up the process of saving them in the correct size, and Title.

In the image you can see I have 3 in my Moody Mono collection. 1 of these is in the PDI’s and 2 in the prints.

3 Images in One Collection Set (2 Collections).

I have the collection set selected so it shows all the images in that set. The first thing to do is to give each Image a title in UPPERCASE. The Title for the image is in the metadata panel, and is under the IPTC tab. Please note, that you are adding a title to your file and not changing the FILENAME.
Image showing Title and Metadata panel in Lightroom

Once you have named all your images, and I am afraid that you will need to do this for each competition. Select ALL of them and then either click the export button on the left panel (only visible in Library Mode) or right click and find export in the list. 

Lightroom Export Panel

Lightroom Export Panel

 1. Select Hard Drive from the dropdown list – This gives you the ability to save the file where you wish on the Hard Drive.

2. Select the folder where you want the images saved, you can create new folders from here, or create them and navigate to them.

I have put mine in a sub-folder for the competition, and this can be changed each time you use the pre-set.

I leave Existing Files as ‘Ask what to do’ as a warning before they are overwritten.

3 File Naming – this is where we are going to deal with the correct naming for the competitions – which should be TITLE by Ray Reeder.jpg

 Check the rename box – and drop the drop down list and select edit. This will bring up the filename editor.

Lightroom File Name Editor

Lightroom File Name Editor

 Delete what is in the box, Then in the metadata selection select TITLE and click insert, this will insert {Title>>} into the box, then click the insert in custom Text. Then click Done.

In The custom text box type ” by Yourname” – you will need to enter a space before by.  There is an Example that will show the result. This will show the uppercase and spacing (it will also show the  the file extension, but don’t worry about this yet, other than having it show in lowercase).

Setting your File Settings and Size.

File settings and Image sizing

File settings and Image sizing

1. The File settings should be set to Image Format JPEG, Quality 100% – the clubs software will allow images up to 4MB. Colorspace sRGB.2. Then select Resize to Fit, Width and Height, and enter 1400 in the W and 1050 in the H. Resolution does NOT matter. The output sharpening is a decision for you, but will depend on the image. At the bottom of the box is Post-Processing, this gives you options for when the images are exported – I set this to show in explorer, so that a window opens to show the images. Before we finish, just go back to File Naming and ensure that the filename is how you want it. If it is click the add button at the bottom left, then select the folder or create a new one, then type a name for your preset, Competition Entries.
Final Screen Shot for Preset

Now when you have competition entries, you can select images, then  the preset and all the settings will be filled for you, then export the images.

 I hope you have found this helpful, but if you have struggled with it, I have saved the preset, and it can be downloaded from here.

It will need to be unzipped, then open the export box, and right click on one of the folders, then select import. You will need to change the name or I could do very well in the competitions.

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