Using Lightroom to Organise Your Competition Entries.

 This is Lightroom specific, but you may be able to do something similar with other programs.

Do you have trouble keeping track of which Images you might use for competitions, or the ones you have used.

Do you have Lightroom but not sure how to use Collections and Collection Sets?

A Collection is a collection of images, and a Collection Set is a group (Set) of Collections.


I find using collections and collection sets allows me to quickly find certain images.

A bit of thought may be required before you start, but Lightroom makes it easy to change your collections and sets as you go, so you might like to just get stuck in.


This is what I have done.

List of Collections in Lightroom for Marlow Camera Club


 Create a Collection Set ‘Camera Club’ by clickin on the + next to collections

Inside ‘Camera Club’ create another set ‘2012-2013’ Ensure that it is inside Camera Club

Placing Collection inside collection set

Placing Collection inside collection set

Inside ‘2012-2013’ create another set  ‘Competitions’

I have then created a set for each competition. Ie ‘Moody Mono’, but I have started each collection with the Competition Number, this keeps the collections in order ie. ‘1 Moody Mono’

Inside each ‘Competition’ I have created a collection for ‘PDI’s’ and @Prints’.

I have also created a collection for Possible entries, which appears at the bottom of the list.


Now that you have your collections up and running, you can just add your images as you go. If you select ‘Camera Club’ all photos in the set will show, or you can select by competion. If multiple collections are selected, ie all ‘Prints’ then all the images in the collections will show.


If you don’t like the way the collections or sets are organised they can be ‘drag and drop’ to where you want them.


Next time I will look at using presets to Export your competition images to the correct size and title.


Hope this helps,




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