Varied Programme…

Well done to John Newth for masterminding a programme for last night. I enjoyed the content of the evening and we had some useful feedback.

We started off with a rounded and interesting viewing of around 50 images that members had taken in Marlow High Street on the Night Shoot last week. Some really great shots were shown. Tony Ketley introduced us to the Venetian quarter of Marlow. A little known journey down a canal street of gondolas and mooring poles. Cool! John astounded us all by showing an insider-view of women’s fashion. Interesting John – thanks for the insight. Some great shots everyone.

After the images had run through we had an interesting discussion about things that could be changed within the club. There were some great ideas which included a new email address… [email protected] to help facilitate ideas getting to the committee. We also discussed whether it might be a good thing to drop the night shoot. Although attendance is low on most night shoots, that did not seem to put people off. I think that most people wanted to retain the night shoot. However, I think it was clear that members were not excited about doing another High Street shoot next year. I think we need to think more clearly about the structure, aim and location for next years shoot.

After the refreshment break we were introduced to the delights of Johns  make-up bag  camera bag. It was an interesting viewing of solid equipment, ideas and aspirations. That’s what photography is about – at least partly. A lot of people had bought in their camera bags so John chose the next bag to go through and the owner presented the contents. Some people work with basic equipment in their bags. Others had all sorts of wonders. It was interesting to see what people carried. Techniques and ideas about equipment vary greatly. It all goes to prove that its not about the equipment you have, more about your approach to photography. Cameras and equipment are only a part of the shot.

In all an interesting and varied evening. Thanks to John for standing up to an onslaught on his manhood! All in the name of good fun John! And, thanks again to him for hosting our evening and providing a lot of fun and interest. Thanks too to Pippa who ran the images display.


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